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"to be human"

cover Susanne's cd "to be human" is a revealing journey through 13 songs dealing with love, joy for life, human awareness and personal responsibility. Says Susanne, "these songs represent my own struggle to find my place in the world and in music. One of the elements that make my music special I think, is the use of speech on some of the tracks. I have always been moved by the power of words in their ability to crystalize my own feelings. The most obvious way of getting my message across of course, would have been to work with a singer, but I felt stronger about the idea of composing a song accompanying a speech that already stands on it's own. The title track for example, "to be human", is composed around a speech given by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I can't tell you how honored I am that he allowed me to use his voice in one of my songs. Tutu is a real hero! It's already amazing listening to his speaking voice, but when connected with music, his words become even more powerful. When I listen to that track it works like an affirmation for me!"