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about suzn

Growing up in a musical family in Germany, Susanne Ganser was exposed to music at an early age. Her father, a school teacher and classically trained cellist, thought it important that she and her three older brothers learned to play an instrument. So, Susanne began her musical training at age four, playing flute and later, violin.

After discovering soul, jazz, and world music in her teenage years Susanne felt that she had lost interest in playing classical music and decided to switch to alto saxophone. "My favorite way of making music was to play along with records. I would sit in my little room, grab my violin, put on some track and jam out. This felt great, but after doing this for a while I noticed that I was unsatisfied. I realized that I needed to play a different instrument."

In 1987 Susanne moved to Hannover, where she started to play in bands and slowly establish herself on the local scene. Jamming on the streets with a Senegalese group, she was spotted by a music professor who invited her to come to take private music theory classes with him. Soon after, Susanne decided to become a professional musician. She moved to Amsterdam in 1993 to study jazz at the Sweelinck Conservatory, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1999. Since graduating she has been working as a full-time musician and music educator. She has toured through Europe, America and North Africa.